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Dental Implants


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In the tiniest of nutshells, a dental implant is a tooth-replacement made up from a titanium anchor that is screwed to the jawbone, an abutment which is like the skeleton for the last part, being the crown. Implants are the most modern way to replace teeth as they are the closest thing to natural teeth in this day and age of dentistry. Some even say that the London or harley street is the heart of dental implants.

When undergoing the treatment you will require a bone graft period. This is when you will be waiting for your bone to heal around the new titanium anchor that has just been fixed to the bone. Bone grafting is only needed if the jawbone Is not thick enough or is too soft to support the implant so it isn’t always necessary and is less so the healthier the patient is. A bone graft is a surgical procedure in which the patients bone is treated after the implant is set. It is to grow the bone around the implant to hold it in place.

You should think of bone grafting as bone “adding”. The procedure includes growing bone either from the patients real bone or artificially to fix the implant in place. This “extra bone” is so that the implant stays where we want is and is kept secure as it isn’t the naturally grown tooth.

Artificial bone can be made in a laboratory or it can be taken from another part of your body such as a hip and then transplanted into the jaw. This part of the procedure is what makes it so time consuming. It can take up to nine months for a bone transplant to grow fully so that it is able to support the dental implant. It usually doesn’t take more than 4 months but it can take more.

Bone grafting is necessary as the simple act of chewing actually exerts extreme amounts of pressure on the bone. So to have the most stable implant you must have a stable jawbone. Bone grafting is there to create a solid foundation for the implant as without it the surgery could fail! If the bone is taken from another part of the body such as the hip for example, the procedure will be quicker as the bone won’t need to be created however the extraction process would require more money for aesthetic and removal surgery.

The younger the patient or the healthier the patient the less likes you will require bone grafting. However it is usually still recommended for the future to sustain the strongest implant possible.

Although you are potentially adding to your bone, the grafting procedure is very process and everything is measure to align with the patients face so no distortion occurs. The implant process has been researched and very precisely mastered to give you confidence in your mouth again most cases of dental implant work are carried out in the UKs capitial London.

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